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Six Minute Webinar

A Six Minute Webinar is a powerful marketing and sales tool that enables small business owners to quickly and clearly articulate their product, so they can have more sales and more profit.

Our Six Minute Webinar training program teaches you how to quickly create your own Six Minute Webinar, so that you can sell more of your products and make more money!


Your Six Minute Webinar can be used on your website, in social media, sent in email, hosted as an evergreen webinar, and in many other ways.


Our training brings you through the following steps:

  • Step 1 is to get clarity on the problem you solve and for whom

  • Step 2 is to write your script using info from step 1

  • Step 3 is to create slides to support your script

  • Step 4 is to record your powerful Six Minute Webinar

It’s that simple and it takes less than a few hours.


Best-Selling author and speaker Bill Heinrich used the process to create his own six-minute webinar, which took him less than 3 hours to create.  He used it to promote a course he offers. He told me that within a few days, it made him $286!


With an investment of 180 minutes, Bill now has his own ATM cash machine.


Imagine how many people would actually watch your six-minute webinar.


Imagine how useful this would be in generating leads, making sales, and getting you out there in a much bigger way.


When you register for the Six Minute Webinar training program you get…

  • The Six Minute Webinar Blueprint, which provides an overview of the six minute webinar architecture

  • The Six Minute Webinar Video Training, which will walk you through creating your webinar

  • The Six Minute Webinar Step-by-step Action Guide, which you will use to capture information you need for your script

  • The Six Minute Webinar Script Template that you can use to create your own webinar script

  • The Six Minute Webinar Powerpoint Template that you can use to create your own six minute webinar slides

  • Spotlighted on our Six Minute Webinar website, Youtube channel, Facebook page

This training is worth over $1,000!


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Get clients instantly, with little or no work.


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