Speak to your perfect client with a powerful call to action!

This is What Six Minute Webinar
Technology Will Do for You!

A New Marketing Technology

Our "Secret Sauce" is called ScriptPal!


ScriptPal is a very intricate framework designed to generate a clear message with a powerful call-to-action. When you speak to your "Perfect Client"  with such a clear message, you create instant credibility! Thank you ScriptPal!


The twelve critical components required to create a powerful call to action are built into the framework. These components follow a blueprint for guaranteed success. If you leave one of them out....the results will be miserable. The components high-light your experience, value and is designed to allow you to  gain instant credibility and trust.


ScriptPal has been trained to get the answers required for each section of the Six Minute Webinar. Each section covers different aspects of your experience and why you chose your current profession.


ScriptPal writes the script for you! The most important thing you can do is provide short, specific answers to ScriptPal's questions. When you see your answers in the written script you will start improving the clarity of your message. Clarity is power!


Once you do your first Six Minute Webinar you will see all the different ways you can apply them to your business. The Six Minute Webinar is very adaptable. You will use a portion of this script "every time" you speak about your business. you can use it for speeches, interviews, articles, etc.  Plus you can place your recorded webinar in more thirty different locations.


The combination of the sections, components and the clarity of your message gives you instant credibility with anyone that views your webinar.  You can't buy credibility... you must earn it!

Six Minute Webinar Programs

Meet The Team​

We will show you how to speak to your perfect customer clearly
with a powerful call-to-action!

Master of Clarity

Bill Heinrich

With over 50 years business experience Bill Heinrich understands the importance speaking clearly to your audience. Bill is a “high level” business coach, working with business owners and “C” level executives.   Bill is the author of 3 books all with a focus on creating clarity of your authentic life purpose. Bill’s specialty is assisting Six Minute Webinar clients to get astounding clarity regarding their business message. This allows you to speak to anyone, anywhere  clearly, with a short and concise message and a powerful call-to-action.


Chief Technologist and Trainer

Dr. Don McGrath

Don's extensive background, which includes advanced engineering degrees, leading highly successful teams, developing dozens of courses, over ten years coaching clients to outstanding success, authoring of six books, and innovating with 36 US Patents and 3 Trademarks has prepared him for developing the revolutionary Six Minute Webinar technology.


Don's specialty is taking complex marketing concepts and strategies and making them simple, so that you can make fast progress toward growing your business.

Copy Writer Extrodinair



" I have never been through a process that gave me so much clarity."

"Taking the Six Minute Webinar training has been absolutely essential for my success. It's allowed me to clarify my message and that clarity is credibility."

"I know that so many of my authors need this ability and authority because they can up their

game in a very easy way."



"I was Blown Away by the

clarity I received!"!"







"The Six Minute Webinar is extremely empowering.  

Giving a short concise webinar and identify the problem,

solution and the results."